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Our series of 49 life coaching stories allows children aged 6 - 12 to build their personal resources, develop their social skills, discover and celebrate their unique qualities, understand and release their emotions and feel connected to the world around them. Learning from the stories and the associated activities, they will be resourced to navigate the challenges of life today and the tumultuous times of adolescence and early adulthood.

The life coaching stories come with ideas for activities that reinforce the life skill presented in the story. They follow the full spectrum map of human development, covering all of the aspects that make up a balanced and well developed human being ~ following this map allows an individual to reach their full and unique potential. You will receive 7 colour coded stories for each of the 7 stages of the map. The stories will be sent on a Friday every week of the subscription.

Subscribe now to receive one story with activities each week for 49 weeks.

Let us make it easy for you to share these important life lessons with the children you care for! These easy to utilise tools allow you to maximise the impact of the time you have to connect with your child. 30 minutes each week is all you will need to set aside. For those wishing to spend more time extension activities are included

For an additional subscription you can use these stories in groups or classes that you hold

“The stories have helped us through some very challenging emotions recently … my daughter asks to do the activities over and over again.” SG

This beautifully illustrated book for children aged 3 - 8 and our CD of songs offers:

• Development of personal resources
• Growth in confidence and self-esteem
• Encouragement of emotional well being
• Ideas for creative play
• Connection and engagement with your child/children
• Joy and celebration of life
• Deepening emotional intelligence
• Life skills within each story to help children deal
with life challenges with ease

Click on the book cover to browse the introductory section, teaching guide and the first story of this beautiful, 150-page colour book in Google books

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